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Soul-business clarity meditation

A mystical meditation journey to bring you into deeper connection, clarity and trust with your soul's work.

In this meditation you will…


Connect deeply with the essence of 
your soul-business, so that you can lead from your authentic energy and let go of old-paradigm marketing “shoulds”


Clear and purify your field of 
inauthentic energies that have been influencing your business


Gain clarity on your next most aligned 
business action


Gain confidence in your unique gifts 
and medicine, so that your dream clients can clearly see you and your beautiful offerings!

Imagine a world where we’re all living from our unique gifts and authentic essence

A template-free palace where diversity, innovation and creativity flourish…


Welcome to my inside-out approach to marketing


In the world of new-era business, we always talk about leading from your energy and essence… And yet in practice, it’s much easier said than done.


There's so much noise in the field that makes it so easy to lose touch with your creation and your greater why. We're constantly being inundated with tools and strategies for how to be successful in business - what you “should” and “have to” do in order to make money, get clients, and have an impact. Quite frankly, it's dizzying 😵‍💫


The problem is, these strategies are all based on someone else’s path and blueprint, and more often than not leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused, disconnected from our essence and even paralyzed from taking action.


I’ve found the antidote every time to be returning back to your own truth and unique essence, and finding the answers there. The truth is, the clarity you've been seeking has been there the whole time, you just need to get quiet enough to listen to its gentle whispers.


This is exactly why created this meditation - to help you form an unshakable bond with the essence of your soul’s work, and gain complete confidence and clarity in your unique path… so that you can finally let go of all “shoulds” and “have-tos” and truly lead your business in alignment with your essence. It's a process I lead all of my 1:1 clients through, and now I'm excited to make it readily available to all!

Your Guide

Juliana Celeste

After giving my energy as a graphic designer and marketer in the corporate realms for over 10 years, I took a much-needed break to deepen my spiritual practice and study the healing arts. I got certified in Breathwork, Sound Healing, Quantum Healing, Reiki and Trauma-informed Somatic Embodiment work.

Now, I am so excited to be uniquely poised to merge the two worlds of branding and personal energetics together into what I call Energetic Branding.

Welcome to my new paradigm-way of marketing where your brand gets to be a unique expression of your True Soul’s Essence, embodiment and gifts!

I'm extremely passionate about empowering soulpreneurs like you to embody their authentic essence and lead from their hearts. 

Ready to usher in the new era of business?

Creating a new-paradigm of business means being courageously willing to do things a radically different way…

Are you in?!